Welcoming New Supporters

The success of the Workers Unite Film Festival is, like every labor movement, it only succeeds if we have a strong coalition of supporters. With this in mind we are pleased to announce that we have some new coalition members to help us build up to the 2015 film festival.

The New York State AFLCIO has announced they are a supporter of the Workers Unite Film Festival. They will work with us to organize and promote our screenings leading up to the film festival in May.

The Workers Unite Film Festival also has three new board members! Janna Pea, Vic Fusco and Jason Kozlowski will help us improve and expand our programs for the film festival in May.


Janna Pea is the communications director for the Retail Wholesail Department Store Union or RWDSU. She has worked extensively on a range of issues such as the Car Washeros campaign and the organizing efforts at Guitar Center. Last year she also helped develop a film about the Car Wash Organizing campaign

Vic Fusco is the host of Labor Lines, a labor oriented radio program that broadcasts in NYC as well as throughout Long Island. It can be heard every week on four different stations as well as on www.LaborLines.com. He is also a founding partner of Fusco, Brandenstein and Rada P.C.

Jason Kozlowski is an assistant professor for the Institute for Labor Studies and Research at West Virginia University. He has also organized various labor film screenings in West Virginia.

You can find the full list of Workers Unite Film Festival Boad members here