Recent coverage of the Workers Unite Film Festival:

Andrew Tilson, executive director of the Workers Unite Film Festival, said that a major reason advocates fought to keep the Hudson Yards construction project unionized was not just because of wages but because the “non-unionized construction industry has historically ignored safety issues. There’s a total connection between being in a union and living, basically,” he said.
— The Chief Leader (5/6/19)
The sixth annual Workers Unite Film Festival has arrived in the city — bringing with it a fresh lens to view working-class life. The festival […] includes offerings that range from satire to serious documentaries.
— NY Daily News (5/11/17)
The annual Workers Unite Film Festival brings together activists, academics and filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds for a celebration of social justice and the arts. Through dozens of documentary screenings, community forums, and interactive events across New York City, the festival provides working people with a platform to tell their stories while leading a movement for meaningful change.
— New York Nonprofit Media (5/7/17)
Until recently, there was no film festival in NYC that portrayed workers’ lives and struggles, front and center. And no festival that took a side on behalf of working people in their fight for better wages, respect and dignity.

[...] The stories of workers’ struggles in Bangladesh, South Africa, Iraq, Spain, Palestine and Ecuador will be prominently featured, reflecting a festival  theme this year of “Global Labor Solidarity.” The documentary Schoolidarity addresses the issues around the militant 2012 Chicago teachers strike; Overpass Light Brigade portrays the creative tactics activists in Wisconsin used to defy the big business message machine during  Scott Walker’s union-busting campaign.
— People's World (2014)
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