The Turkish Experience at Workers Unite Film Festival

This year we had quite the extensive audience at the Workers Unite Film Festival. On top of the over 2000 participants, we also had people attending the festival from all over the world. One attendee, Utku Kurt actually attended the first Workers Unite Film Festival. He enjoyed it so much that he developed a trailer to promote the film festival. Check out the video at the bottom of this post if you have not already seen it yet. Utku emailed us his reaction to the film festival and we decided to share it with you. Feel free to comment below to share your experience or you can email us at Don't forget to also follow us on facebook and twitter!

Correspondence from Turkey

The third Workers Unite Film Festival has been an amazing experience for me. It was fascinating to watch my Workers Unite Film Festival Trailer before every session. I never would have imagined that my trailer about the film festival would eventually lead me back to New York City. I tried to watch every movie on the festival during my stay in New York City. I learned a lot of things about labour organizations and labour movements. I learned about the labor and political history of the United States through inspiring movies and observed the similarities between people during "Occupy Wall Street"  and people from "Occupy Gezi Park" from May 31st, 2013 in Turkey.  I heard from Cuba, Mexica, India, Latin America and saw how people live in those areas. I enjoyed the Q&A parts after the movies. Meeting with directors and actors was an amazing oppourtunity for me which could prove helpful in future projects.

Turkish Media Coverage


Turkish local and national media has been really interested in my invitation to the festival and appreciated Workers Unite Film Festival Trailer. They covered it in a front page story titled "He became famous with graduation project"  and Dilek Eski Bezirkıran from "Posta212 Newspaper" made an interview with me. I mentioned about festival and how I got there. Also, talked about some other projects from my portfolio. I emphasise on the festival director Andrew Tilson. I couldn't be here without him. I send him the trailer and he supported me in all conditions. Thank you very much Andrew. I have been appreciated by Bahcesehir University's board of trustee Enver Yucel and my professors from communication design. And of course my family and my friends were all happy about the situation. I posted the newspaper caption it took 100 likes in a couple of hours. I love you Workers Unite Film Festival. See you next year :)

Check out Utku's Trailer below