Workers Unite Film Festival Winners

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From May 9th until May 19th the Workers Unite Film Festival held its 3rd annual festival and aired over 50 labor oriented films in New York City. The 30 different programs attracted over 2000 attendees. Among the many programs was included a salute to new filmmakers from the School of Visual Arts Social Doc MFA program and a celebration of surviving Rosie the Riveters from WWII together with the "new Rosie's" from NEW, (New Employment for Women). Filmmakers from around the world as well as workers from a diverse background put together films to bring attention to the struggles of working people. After much consideration we are now ready to announce the winners of the 2014 Workers Unite Film Festival.

    The awards for the film festival were granted in the customary format with recognition for Documentary and Narrative films, both feature and short. We also added an award for “Films from the Frontline” for the films that were developed for the purpose of labor organizing or that were developed with workers who were conveying their story. We also added an “Audience Favorite” to bring attention to the films that had the highest audience turnout. Finally, the best screenplay award was selected by the National Writers Guild based on screenplays that were submitted and reviewed by their esteemed panel of judges. The full list of awards is listed below. For any questions contact Christiaan Perez.   

Documentary Feature

Best in Category: Truth through A Lens (2013) - Directed by Justin Thomas

Honorable Mention: Tatanka (2013) - Directed by Jacob Bricca

Documentary Short

Best In Category: Under the Bus (2013) - Directed by Peter Haas & Kief Roberts

Honorable Mention: Tears in the Fabric (2013) - Directed by Richard York & Hannan Majid (The Rainbow Collective)

Honorable Mention: The Story of America: Journey Into the Divide, Part 2 (2014) - Directed by Annabel Park and Eric Byler

Narrative Feature

Best in Category: The Happy Lands (2013) - Directed by Robert Rae

Narrative Short

Best in Category: Grace (2013) - Directed by Alrick Brown

Honorable Mention: Sky Blue Collar (2013) - Directed by Derek Frey

Films From the Frontlines

Best in Category: Overpass Light Brigade (2013) - Directed by Dusan Harminc & Matt Mullins

Honorable Mention: Car Wash Workers in NYC Clean Up Dirty Business (2014) - Directed by charles Fostrom and Janna Pea for RWDSU & Chio Valerio of New York Communities for Change.

Special Award for Audience Favorite

One Generation's Time: The Story of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes (2013) - Directed by Shannon Gee

Screenplay Awards - juried by members of The National Writers Union

Best in Category: Millies - Written by Lorre Fritchy

Honorable Mention: Chinese Delivery Man - Written by Isaac Ho


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