We Are All Part Of the 47%

September 20th, 2012

What can one possibly say about this latest gaffe from McRomney? He is a country-club republican to his core and this really is what they think of a large segment of America. As Jon Stewart put it so well last night - when they succeed - it is solely by their own magical brilliance, but when they fail - it's the government's fault (oh, but by the way - can that government send in millions of $ to save our sorry asses!).

However, when the average working person succeeds - it's because of some bloated federal program we don't need, or some other "tax handout" that the "job creators" had taken out of their hard-earned riches. It never is seen as the part of the American dream we are all raised with, where somebody less fortunate, through a good public education and really hard work, plus perhaps some support from federal programs put in place with exactly the mission of helping to raise those on the bottom towards the top - you know - create a viable middle class that pays taxes and PAYS DOWN THE 1%'s GROSSLY  CREATED BUDGET DEFICIT - these country club types never see this as a good story. And God Forbid these folks don't make their way one, two three, then let's kick them to the curb, cut their food stamps, let them and their kids live in their cars - if they're lucky.

That's what the Romey types are talking about when they discuss the "47%" behind closed doors at $50,000. per plate!!! dinners. As workers - it shouldn't be too hard to see which side are you on.