Ryan for VP Makes clear what the GOP thinks about our future

August 13th, 2012

Slipping into a steady downward drift against President Obama, the McRomeny pulled out all the stops and selected the male version of Sarah Palin to restart his campaign. Once again the GOP has chosen to cater to the most rabid, extreme wing of their party - the teabags - with the selection of Paul Ryan. Much will be written about how Mr. Ryan is a "regular guy" from working class roots and "very serious." As opposed  I guess - to the rest of the former Republican Prez field who were anything but serious - including the McRomney.

So Ryan will inject a note of down and dirty policy discussions - except his "policy" papers - are nothing of the kind. They are simply a regurgitation of the same drivel the Koch brothers, casino  owner Sheldon Adelson and every other wealthy 1% type has dreamed about for at least two decades. Cut the federal government to shreds, dump necessary tax burdens mostly on the poor saps who don't have rich lawyers to legally get them out of paying taxes and the icing on the cake is even greater tax cuts for those already doing phenomenally well at the top.

Not rocket science, because you do the bidding of Mr. Wealthy, he rewards you with more donations, more trips, more access to the wealthy life you aspired to - but never got a chance to have. This way - you drape yourself in some lofty rhetoric about "saving our future," or "taking America back." Only problem is - who are they saving America from? Who are they taking it back for? Easy - the wealthy patrons who foot the bill get to live like the potentates of old, while formerly honorable working class folks, including firemen, policemen and soldiers serving our country overseas- they get to work for minimum wage - like in Pennsylvania just last month. That's if they don't get "downsized" out of their job - so Mr. Richy Rich can buy himself another Bentley, or house in the Hamptons - God forbid Mr. Rich might actually have to shoulder a proportionate share fo the burden for all the services he needs to build his business, drive to his Hamptons palace and keep his fleet of luxury cars running at top speed(all of those toys, by the way, a deduction!! on his tax return!!! You and me pay for him to have those toys!)

So - Don't be fooled by the GOP rhetoric, nor the sloppy, uneducated reporting of the corporate media. They want the public to think this type of drivel is legitimate - when there is nothing but smoke, mirrors and a deep shaft inside for regular working folks like me and you.