Triangle Shirtwaist Memorial a Huge Success, March 23rd, 2012

March 26th, 2012

The celebration in honor of those women who died jumping to their death from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory 101 years ago was a powerful and timely event.  The weather was perfect for hundreds of dedicated activists to come out and show their respect to those who lost their lives due to past employer greed, while honoring the role unions have played in fighting for safer working conditions right up into the present day.

Labor unions fight for worker safety every day, all over the world. As President Alvarez, of the NYC Central Labor Council, Bruce Raynor of Unite, Amy Muldoon, from CWA 1180 and many other leaders reinforced throughout their rousing speeches to those assembled, while a living wage is critical to workers to maintain lives with dignity, the safety and healthfulness of working conditions of all workers on the job is paramount in all our efforts to protect the health and welfare of our members. Without these basic human rights of health and safety, we as workers are no better than the oppressed serfs in Europe from hundreds of years in the past.


 Shirtwaists in memory of those who perished.