March 22nd is a National Day of Action To Fight Verizon's Greed

March 21st, 2012

March 22nd, 2012 is a day of action around the country to protest the ongoing gross unfairness of Verizon, as it refuses to offer a reasonable settlement to over 40,000 striking employees, while tripling the pay of its CEO to over $23 million!! That's in one year folks. Verizon, while screaming it is nearly broke - has managed to find over $243 million under the couch cushions to reward to executives. These same executives have done nothing to build a company based upon treating workers and their families with respect, or pay them a decent level wage and benefits.

The NYC Central Labor Council, together with many unions in the NYC area, will once again be marching down on West Street to remind the overpaid Verizon executives that the people of NYC back union families, back union workers and demand decent pay for union jobs! No concessions on paying a living wage.

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And go here to tell Verizon's greedy CEO what you think:

See you at the rally! And please take video to screen at our "films from the front lines," day of our Workers Unite Film Festival. Thanks!