Winners for Workers Unite Film Festival 2017!

We are proud to announce the Winners for #WUFF6

Special thanks to all the filmmakers who came out to support their films.  We've had another wonderful year, screening at Cinema Village, Empire State College, Lantern Hall, and other venues across NYC.

Great crowds to see EUGene V. Debs biopic - Hendrik Hertzberg from the New Yorker graciously answered questions with Director Yale Strom.  Ludlow: Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War sold out! Thanks to Producer Frosso Tsouka for an incredible film!  Instagram: @workersunitefilmfest

Audience Favorite

American Socialist: The Life and Times of Eugene Victor Debs - Directed by Yale Strom

Special Jury Award

Ludlow, Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War - Directed by Leonidas Vardaros

Best Documentary Feature (tie)

Detroit Dog City - Directed by Candace Barbot

Woman On Fire - Directed by Julie Sokolow

Honorable Mention • Documentary Feature (tie)

Denial - Directed by Derek Hallquist

Mike Morningstar: Here's to the Working Man - Directed by Richard Anderson

Best Narrative Feature

Thirsty - Directed by Margo Pelletier

Honorable Mention • Narrative Feature

August Lucey - Directed by Dylan Latimer and Jesse Karch

Best Narrative Short

Working Poor - Directed by Steven Bozga

Honorable Mention • Narrative Short (tie)

Marx Is Back - Violeta Bruk, Dolores Contreras, Javier Gabino, Jorge Gallardo, et al, TVPTS Contraimagen Group (Argentina)

Transport Workers Union (TWU) GOTV: Back to Election Day - Directed by Mary Matthews, TWU International

Best Documentary Short (tie)

Holding Out - Directed by Rebecca Gourevitch

The Coal Minority - Directed by Helen Butcher

Honorable Mention • Documentary Short

Oiltowns - Directed by Mark Street

Best Film from the Frontlines (tie)

Paulie - Directed by Paul Tropiano (UA Local 1 NYC Plumbers)

Some Dumb Plumbers - Directed by Luigi J. Fuschetto and Antonio D. Antonaros (UA Local 1 NYC Plumbers)

Honorable Mention • Film from the Frontlines

My Story - Directed by Nelium Hannibal (UA Local 1 NYC Plumbers)

Best Screenplay

Farm Fresh - Written by Jon Schabl

Honorable Mention • Screenplay

Flintown - Written by Cory Huizar

Now onto an amazing Season 7 in 2018 -- and some individual screenings planned throughout the year!  Official submissions open again in early Fall.