Spring Into Action to Raise Wages Film Series

Workers Unite Film Festival is pleased to announce our collaboration with The Workmen's Circle, the NYC based 100 year old Jewish progressive social organization, on a labor film series called: Spring Into Action to Raise Wages. This film series will start on February 13th and run through April, leading up to the full Workers Unite Film Festival in May.

This year The Workers Unite Film Festival will run from May 2nd through May 24th, at a variety of locations throughout NYC. 

The Spring Into Action to Raise Wages film series will start on February 13th at the auditorium of Local 3, IBEW in Queens. That night we will screen a short, The Overpass Light Brigade, about creating "the people's bandwidth." The feature film that night will be a brand new film on the horse carriage controversy in NYC, called Working Horses. The directors will be present for Q &A. (Find Screening information here)

February 19th we have partnered with The Food Chain Alliance, ROC NY as well as Workmen's Circle, to screen a new film called, Food Chains, about fighting for fairness in the food production industry.

The directors will also be present for Q & A. This screening will be held at the auditorium of the Amalgamated Lithographers of America, Local 1 at 113 University Place (13th Street). (Find Screening information here)

Bangladesh workers protesting

On March 20th we will screen films commemorating the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Memorial in Queens, as well as linking this history to the current struggle in Bangladesh against ongoing deadly sweatshop conditions for garment workers. Two new films, Tears in the Fabric and Tangled Thread will be shown , as well as two new shorts from Pakistan about women fighting to organize in the accessory industry. This screening will take place at the new headquarters of the NY Taxi Workers Alliance LIC at 37th Avenue and 31st Street in the Alma Plaza building 3rd Floor . You can find more information here. If you cannot make it out to Queens then don't worry, we will also have a screening on March 19th at Litho Hall. More information is here.

In celebration of Frances Perkins Day. Adelphi University will host a film Screening of Food Chains with a Panel discussion to follow on April 13th

On April 23rd we will host a screening at the Lithographers Auditorium on the Fight for $15 and the struggle to win living wages for all workers. We will screen several new shorts from the organizing campaign as well as a new feature in production on the fight to organize Walmart workers across the country. You can find more information here.


As part of the full festival in May we have already scheduled a night to celebrate the life of Eugene V. Debs in partnership with the NY Labor History Association. we will screen a film on Deb's life and work and hear speakers connect his history to our current struggles for income equality. At Lithographer's auditorium, 113 University Place at 13th Street.

May 2nd through May 24th - Fourth Annual Workers Unite Film Festival - locations throughout NYC.

Check our website www.workersunitefilmfestival.org frequently for updates and more films for the festival month of May.