Submissions open for Workers Unite Film Festival 2014

Workers Unite Film Festival Discussion

The Workers Unite Film Festival is a celebration of Global Labor Solidarity and New York's only labor film festival. The Festival aims to showcase student and professional films from the United States and around the world which publicize and highlight the struggles, successes and daily lives of all workers in their efforts to unite and organize for better living conditions and social justice. The organizers are deeply connected to and support both the American labor movement and the fight of all unorganized workers to achieve lives filled with respect for their rights and dignity.

This is the Forth Annual Workers Unite Film Festival - NYC Celebrates Global Labor Solidarity! Our Festival is scheduled between the 100th anniversary of the success of the "Bread and Roses" strike in Lawrence, MA., the 101st anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, a rallying point for organizing American workers and May Day, the international workers day of unity. The Forth Annual Workers Unite Film Festival will be held for over several weekends in May at the historic downtown Manhattan movie theater, Cinema Village, as well as other labor union auditoriums throughout the city.

We seek to join forces with our working brothers and sisters from around the world, both organized in existing unions and those currently fighting to organize for their workplace rights. Our goal is to broadcast our stories of struggle and victory around the mainstream media that often pretend that we - the 99%, count for less than the celebrities and corporate titans normally showcased in those mainstream media outlets.

Workers Unite Film Festival Cinema Village

We ask all workers, whether part of a union or part of the recent union survival struggles across the USA, to send us their stories. We will have categories for narrative and documentary films, from around the world and will have space to showcase student and professional levels of accomplishment in features, shorts (under 50 minutes) and "films from the front lines," (under 30 minutes)

We will hold special screening days for "Films From the Front Lines," for short films highlighting recent ant-union attacks across the USA and how American workers have successfully fought back. We plan to have special nights of short films and speakers on as many recent organizing drives as we can. We hope to link our recent struggles and victories in the USA to the global fight of all workers seeking justice, fairness and equality across all borders.

Film Submission

To submit a film you can submit to without a box or film freeway depending on which method you prefer.

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List of Film Catagories

Narrative, Feature

Fictional Films from around the world that tell the stories of working people, their lives and their efforts to organize.

Narrative Shorts

Fictional Films of Workers Lives under 50 minutes run-time

Documentary Features

Real life stories about workers and their right to organize from around the world. Over 60 minutes.

Documentary Shorts

Real life stories of working people under 50 minutes.

Films From the Front Lines

Films from 3 minutes to 30 minutes dealing with current labor struggles, either in the USA or globally. This category also covers daily life struggles involved with current anti-union campaigns, or worker's fight to survive in a tough economy.

Working Lives Screenplay Competition

Open screenplay competition for stories about working people and their lives and struggles to organize.
Global stories gladly accepted.

Rules & Terms

By submitting my film, you agree to allow your film to be screened at the Workers Unite Film Festival if accepted.

Workers Unite Film Festival, Inc. is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. All statements you have made in this online document form are true, and you certify that you have cleared all rights for this film and understand that no officers, employees, or agents of the Workers Unite Film Festival, Inc. can be held liable for the contents of or damage to the film.