Our Ticket Window Is Open for 2013

April 23rd, 2013

We have an amazing line-up of 26 programs at three venues for the Second Annual Workers Unite Film Festival.

Films from HBO pros - Joe and Harry Gantz - American Winter - with a stellar panel of commentators, to brand new films from first time Directors, such as Mujeres Pa'alante (Women Moving Forward) about domestic workers in Spain fighting for workplace rights.

We have films about incredibly brave women and mothers in Bangladesh, many survivors of current day "Triangle Shirtwaist Factory" fires in the sweathsops in Bangladesh, risking their lives to form labor unions. Films came in from China, about the young workers from the world's largest workforce, in the age of Apple and Foxconn and their universal hopes and dreams - In Dreamworks China. 

And we are lucky to receive a beautiful new film, just premiered at the Museum of Modern Arts Documentary Fortnight in February of this year, Your Day Is My Night, by the film artist and social documentarian - Lynne Sachs. Her film brings us right into the lives of our neighbors in Chinatown, who share bedrooms in shifts out of economic necessity. We pass these wonderful people everyday - rushing through their neighborhood, but never really see them or the lives they lead. Lynne takes us there.

We have films from the incredible Tami Gold, on how teachers fighting for their rights in Oaxaca, Mexico really did start a revolution, won a major victory, then had to fight back again as the government tried to crush their victory and imprison their leaders- Land, Rain and Fire and Frozen Happiness.

Their are music videos about paying back the Fat Cats (I Wanna Be A Pirate) and short narrative films about workers taking their due from nasty owners(Let It Be War). We've tried to cover the range from educational to entertaining fun, with even a neat cartoon fairy tale about taxing the rich thrown in for good measure. (Tax The Rich: An Animated Fairytale).

So many films, so little time and you can see one program, one full day of entertaining and eye-opening films, or buy the full week pass for only $60! Full Day passes are $12, senior and students $9 and single program passes are $8, seniors and students $7.

Please check out our schedule, read about the films and click this link, here, or on our www.workersunitefilmfestival.org site and look for the TIX logo to buy your tickets.