George Stoney, 96 and Still Fighting for Labor Rights

May 5, 2012

George Stoney, 96 and one of the founders of the social documentary film movement, introduced his film this afternoon at the first Annual Workers Unite Film Festival. This short film, Bread and Roses, tells the story of the cultural arm of the large 1199SEIU Health Care Workers Union.

Bread and Roses was a term from the famous Lawrence, MA textile strikes of over 100 years ago, where the women striking for fair wages and a better life also sang songs about not only striking for bread - but for roses too! They wanted to be treated fairly at work, paid a living wage, but also to enjoy their lives, have culture that was important to them and time to enjoy their other pursuits.

We are fighting for the very same issues today and with this festival - we are trying to project exactly that same message - all working people deserve fair wages and decent benefits, but also lives filled with the same access to beauty, culture, relaxation and hobbies as the 1%. Workers lives should never be just about slaving away and constantly worrying about the next electric bill or mortgage payment.

Come see the rest of the program tonight and on Sunday!