Workers Unite Film Festival Is Open For Business!!

April 10th, 2012

Hooray!! After months of searching out new and provocative films and hours spent programming and tweaking
all types of internet code and internet commerce doo-dads - whew! the first Annual Workers Unite Film Festival is open for your ticket buying pleasure.

Now do your part - log in - take a look at the amazing films we have gathered to tell the story of workers and labor organizers around the world during this American Spring. We need your support and the more tickets we sell, the more we can donate to our honorees, the more we can spend on collaborations with up and coming film students, like those incredible students from the new School of Visual Arts MFA in Social Documentaries. What an amazing program and we are happy to have the help and creative spark of all the students involved.

Many thanks too, to our tireless Program Director - Phil Hopper, who not only has overseen the screening and selection of films, but has shuttled hard drives around NYC to keep our "films from the front lines," collaborations moving forward. We could not have done it without his help. 

So check out the schedule. Buy some blocks of tickets. We are still finalizing speakers to introduce a few of the programs, but the speakers we already have - Bhairavi Desai, Ed Ott, George Stoney, Esther Cohen, Ruth Milkman, Greg Mantsios and quite a few of our treasured film makers, are some of the most important people in the field of worker studies, labor organizing and documentary film today.

Thanks for keep an eye on this blog - please friend us on facebook, tweet us on twitter and keep up the fight for worker rights. Labor Rights are civil rights! Pass It On!