McRomney Sees No Problems

February 3, 2012

The presidential candidate closest to a fast food sandwich, stuffed with an enormous amount attractive though, empty, valueless content, cares about some of you - just not those of you who are too damn poor to care about. He knows his wealthy friends are okay - he sees them on that cash dumping line outside that "private bank" in the Cayman Islands. That's where those from country club backgrounds jet to park their excess cash earned by destroying the decent American jobs of that "95% of the middle class," that McRomney is suddenly concerned about. The poor folks though? You're living large on the government dole - so live it up now free loaders! McRomney has some special plans for you come election day. Lying his way from one network interview to another was quite the spectacle for the new GOP front runner. 

Paul Krugman's take on this phenomenon of a major party candidate actually saying such inane things on national television is required reading: