Workers Unite Film Festival Teams Up with Working Theater and SVA - More on the FAA Bill Travesty

February 23rd, 2012

Workers Unite Film Festival has teamed up with the amazing and incredible Working Theater in NYC - - and NYC's School of Visual Arts (SVA) Graduate Social Documentary film department, to film and create a short about the upcoming 'world's longest unemployment line," on March 6th, 2012 from 8AM to 8:30AM. This demonstration of anger about the ongoing lack of decent jobs serves both as a protest to our current anemic jobless recovery and as performance street theater on a massive scale. The "line" will stretch from Wall Street, along Broadway, all the way up to Times Square! Over 5000 "unemployed" are expected to participate. The Workers Unite Film Festival plans to film the whole event and bring you the back story from several of the organizers, including our friends at The Working Theater. We plan to have at least a finished short film on the event up and ready to screen - with the help of our SVA collaborators - by May 6th - at the festival.

Stay tuned! And go online to find out where you can participate in "the world's longest unemployment line."

I just wanted to add this link - because the story about how the Dems let the FAA bill slide by - making it much harder for air and rail workers to organize into unions -was a travesty. Read Theresa Moran on for a terrific analysis: