President Obama Stands with Workers, tells GOP, "We'll Just Say No!"

President Obama, facing continual opposition from GOP house members and Senators regarding his appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the newly created Consumer Protection Agency, just said "No" today to such obstructionist tactics.

Besides appointing Richard Cordray to the important position as Director of the new Consumer Agency, the absence of whom has relegated the work of this agency to a standstill since it's inception in 2010, the President filled all three open seats on the NLRB - two with Democrats and one with a Republican. Without making these appointments the NLRB - in constant operation since it's creation under FDR, would have been shuttered for lack of a quorum. Republics in both the House and the Senate, knowing  this, had attempted a rickety sham of congressional procedure to keep the Congress "in session" for a mere thirty seconds a day!

The President has called their bluff - making recess appointments for the 41st thru 45th time. Though Republicans are screaming he has "rammed" through these appointments and done an end run on the constitution - GW Bush made over 140 recess appointments at his point of his term in office, as did Bill Clinton and Bush 41. Once again the GOP is pretending that this President has done something never done before - and not something absolutely necessary in order to protect both the rights of workers and the rights of all Americans affected by payday lenders, unscrupulous mortgage brokers, and even the major banks in their predatory lending and foreclosure practices.

This was a good day for labor unions and working people. As the almost laughable content of the remaining Republican presidential candidates gets wider coverage during their primary phase, the President has drawn and important line in the sand that is clear as day for any working American, any American affected by shoddy financial practices, can see as they ponder their electoral decisions for 2012.

It shouldn't even be close.