Workers and Activists in Wisconsin move closer to Recalling Scott Walker

January 19th, 2012

Workers, activists and organizers throughout Wisconsin attained nearly double of the required number of signatures to recall Scott Walker this coming summer of 2012! United Wisconsin, according to the Huffington Post of January 17th, 2012, scored over one million signatures - or 185% of the required total!

Organizers also collected more than enough signatures to launch recalls of the lieutenant governor and four more Republican state senators who had supported Walker's anti-union plans.

Though Walker and his Koch brothers / Karl Rove funded allies plan to challenge the signatures, United Wisconsin and the Democratic Party are confident more than enough will survive to set the recall vote in motion.

This is exactly what people power means and  shows what we can do to fight back against the shadowy, back room efforts of the select few to manipulate our political process, destroy our democracy in order to gain permanent control for the top 1%. As Mitt Romney just said during his last debate - "It wasn't very much money he earned from speaking fees....." Only $347,000.00!!!! I don't know any public employees who make even one quarter of that amount as a regular paycheck.

Efforts are underway, as they were done successfully in Ohio, to roll back these illegal power grabs of the hard right, aimed at the heart of worker power - unions. A workers' rights to receive a fair wage and live a life with dignity  and security across this great country is at stake. We must fight hard to defeat these anti-family, anti- society efforts of these free-market terrorists.