Welcome To The Workers Unite Film Festival

We're thrilled to be up and running! Thanks so much to Patty Evanoff for her excellent advice and hard work in getting our site going. We are definitely a work in progress and hope to serve as focal point for workers and organizers across the country during this very pivotal and exciting year.

We have a chance to recall at least one rabidly anti-labor Governor - Scott Walker of WI - and to add to the tremendous worker's victories in Ohio, against worker hating Governor Kasich. When workers unite - amazing things can happen.

We are looking for your input and updates from across the country - not only for the festival - next May4th,5th and 6th, 2012 - but right now! What's happening out there in the streets, factories, retail big-box stores, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, government offices, factory floors, in cabs across the country! Everywhere that workers talk about their rights and how to take back what is rightfully theirs - we want to know that story.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of the national AFL-CIO Federation's member unions - formerly the New York Taxi Workers Alliance - now the National Taxi Workers Alliance!  When workers - even independent contractors separated while driving their own cabs each day - get together - their power is massive and progressive.

Keep us posted on what's happening in your area, local union hall, worker education center, or just at the worker's favorite local hangout. We are here for you, to tell your story, to build your voice and to unite all workers into a powerful and determined movement for fair wages, full health care and progressive change we can really believe in. We'll try to keep you updated with important labor stories and welcome your help on this every day.

Thanks for joining in! A happy, healthy and progressive new year for workers across this great country is my wish to all of you!