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Program 10: Fighting to Save Worker's Homes and Union Jobs

  • Cinema Village 22 E 12th St New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

On The Merits

Narrated by Ed Asner and produced by CWA 1180 is a serious look back at the crazy years of the Ed Koch administration, when Mayor “How Am I Doing?” was busy handing out patronage goodies to sleazy lawbreakers and outright criminals, while honest civil servants languished on the legal hiring lists. 33 minutes

Made in the USA

An Ontario PC leader is championing U.S.-style labor laws designed to weaken unions, but similar laws in the U.S. have driven down wages and kicked increasing numbers of people out of the middle class. In this documentary, veteran journalist Bill Gillespie heads south (to the US) to find out the real impact of what the conservatives are planning for working people in Ontario. 20 minutes

Expect Resistance


Looks at the Take Back the Land and Occupy Wall Street movements as they began to respond to the foreclosure crisis. The film follows Leonard Spears, a man fighting to keep his home after a foreclosure has passed and an eviction notice has been filed. We meet activists who are willing to put themselves on the line and take direct action to keep people like Leonard in their homes, and to even move homeless families into bank-owned homes that are sitting empty from previous foreclosures. 36 minutes

Graciously sponsored by CWA1180 and the NY Labor History Association, as well as US Imaging Networks, Inc.