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Program 11: Films from the Frontlines / NYC

  • Cinema Village Theater One 22 E 12th St New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Overpass Light Brigade

'Overpass Light Brigade' is a short film that tells the story behind Wisconsin's Holders of the Lights using innovative time-lapse photography and interviews with founding members and other activists. The film showcases OLB's simple, beautiful approach to performance art and action that beckons any who want to creatively join public discourse and voice concerns an elitist political system clamors to quiet. 7 minutes


TWU Frontline Films


Mary Matthews is the national digital media producer/director for the Transport Workers Union. She films workers’ struggles, setbacks and victories nationwide so that all workers everywhere can know that they are not fighting for their rights on their own. We thank the TWU for making this possible. 26 minutes

Two Years Too Long: TWU Allegiant Flight Attendants Rally: TWU members from across the country rally in Las Vegas to support TWU Local 557. They have been fighting for a fair contract for two years.

Citrus Drivers Organize: Citrus Connection local transit drivers in Central FL organize their workplace.

Union Voices For the Flight 93 Memorial: TWU members go to Capitol Hill to join the Flight Attendants Coalition’s call for final funding of the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA.

TWU Veterans - Operation Free PX: The TWU Veterans Committee helps Wounded Warriors in Texas.

TWU Giving:TWU Local 208 and 212 help out in the St. Stephen’s Community Food Drive in Ohio.

MLK Observance: Members across the country volunteer their time in Alpha Home in San Antonio, TX.

Expanding the TWU: TWU State Conferences expand grassroots work of TWU members nationwide.

TWU Local 100: Stand Back New YorkTWU Local 100 releases the music video, “Stand Back,” to highlight common sense solutions to platform safety in NYC’s subway system.

RAP Shorts- Retail Reality: Shifty Business


Retail Reality: Shifty Business was created through a collaboration of Retail Action Project, the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), and designers Maxwell Sorensen and Joshua Graver, and produced through CUP’s Public Access Design program. 3 minutes

Car Wash Workers in NYC Fight to Clean up Dirty Business.

The WASH NY Campaign. the story of the recently successful campaign by RWDSU to bring dignity and fairness to exploited "Carwasheros" around NYC. Special recognition to Charles Fostrom and Janna Pea of the RWDSU and Chio Valerio of New York Communities for Change. 5 minutes

Under the Bus

Anthony has driven a school bus in Staten Island, New York for twenty-four years. His plans to retire suddenly grind to a halt when the Union (ATU 1181) goes on strike in response to a contract dispute with the City of New York. The film follows Anthony and his fellow drivers to the picket line, where they find themselves battling harsh winter weather, a media blackout, Union politics and a Mayor who refuses to negotiate. 62 minutes

Q & A with Directors Peter J. Haas and Keif Roberts

Graciously sponsored by TWU Local100, The NY Labor History Association and the Rubin Foundation