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Program 18: Jews in Baseball

  • Litho Auditorium 113 University Pl New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Jews in Baseball

Written by Pulitzer Prize winner Ira Berkow, narrated by actor Dustin Hoffman. Directed by Peter Miller, known for his the films A Class Apart, Sacco and Vanzetti, and The Internationale. The stereotype of Jews as non-athletic, as well as anti-semitism, are two issues that many Jewish baseball players faced and had to overcome. All ballplayers were exploited until the formation of the Major League Baseball Players Association.The film is in part about Jewish immigration, assimilation into American society, bigotry against Jews, the passing on of Jewish traditions even during assimilation, heroism, and the breaking of Jewish stereotypes. 91 minutes

Director Peter Miller said: “At its heart, this is a film about overcoming stereotypes. Bigotry against Jews has faded a great deal...The story of a once-marginalized people finding their way into the American mainstream offers lessons for a country that continues to grapple with its ideal as a place where talent should overcome prejudice, where we can retain our differences while still being American, where anyone who can hit or pitch or run can be a part of the magic and drama of our national game.”