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Program 23: Fight Against Labor Oppression

  • Litho Auditorium 113 University Pl New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Nae Pasaran! (They Won't Pass) (From a sold out Tribeca show!)

This stunning story of global worker cooperation is told by the recounting of events some 35 years ago, as Augusto Pinochet, backed by the US governemt, murdered a democractically elected leader, Salvadore Allende. As thousands of union members, students, leftists and all manner of Allende supporters were rounded up into killing centers, Pinochet began using his small aircaraft fleet to strafe and attack rebel holdouts in the countryside. Scottish union ariplane engine mechanics (where the jets had been built) saw news footage of this brutality and decided to take action to save fellow workers they'd never even known about, much less met. A heroic and moving story. 14 minutes 

Schoolidarity (NYC Premiere!)

A NYC premier of this sharply aimed film about Wisconsin and Chicago teachers fighting back against the onslaught of anti-union governors and big city mayors willing to sell out public education to the burgeoning power of the for profit charter school movement – which just happens to be mostly union-free.Through the eyes of public school teachers fighting for the benefit of all their students, Schoolidarity tells the interwoven story of the two most significant American workers' rights struggles of recent years: the weeks-long 2011 mass occupation of the Wisconsin capitol, and the Chicago teachers strike of 2012, led by a hero of labor, Karen Lewis. Schoolidarity provides a history of the issues surrounding the privatization of urban public schools in the US. By documenting the ascent of the activist teacher caucus CORE, Chicago's public schools crisis is analyzed through the lens of the assault on public sector unions, where defeats are just as important to study as victories in order to insure education justice for all. 99 minutes

Q & A with the Director, Andrew Friend

Later Event: May 15
Program 24: Forward