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Program 21 - This Womans Work: Selected Shorts & The NYC Premiere of 'Sista In The Brotherhood', followed by Q&A w. director Dawn Jones Redstone

Program 21

Workers Art Coalition - NYC - By Setare S. Arashloo about Workers Art Coalition, an evolving group of building trades women and men who collaborate on art and movement, building projects in public spaces. (2015, 11 min)

A Piece of the Dream: Amanda - Amanda, a single mother of two, speaks passionately on her active role in the Fight For $15. The film also explores her retelling of the unfair treatment she received working at both McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts along with the current struggles she faces raising her sons and living on minimum wage in Albany NY.  Produced by the Workers Development Institute of NY State. (2015, 6 min)

The Valley With A Heart - Over decades of working as nurses, Lori Schmidt and Elaine Weale have seen healthcare become a profit-driven, assembly line industry. When they joined the union, they were doing what their parents and grandparents taught them to do – standing up for what’s right. Drawing on family traditions and community pride, the Wyoming Valley Nurse’s Association is organizing for better patient care with nurses across Pennsylvania. (2015, 13 min)

Sista In the Brotherhood - A black tradeswoman faces discrimination on a new jobsite and must choose between making a stand or keeping her job.  Winner Best Short Film AND Best Oregon Short Film at Portland International Film Festival. The story tracks a black, apprentice carpenter, played by Sidony O’neal, struggling to prove herself on her first day at a new job site. An outlier in a white, male-dominated workforce, she’s forced to navigate the crew’s reactions to her. When things come to a head, she receives inspiration from a surprising source that helps her realize she has to make a stand or risk never being recognized as the skilled worker she has become. Followed by a Q&A w. director Dawn Jones Redstone(2015, 21 min) 

A Piece of the Dream: Jahmeera - A day in the life of a young single mother working at Wendy's. Produced by the Workers Development Institute of NY State. (2015, 5 min) 

NYSNA Healthcare Delegation to Cuba - The New York State Nurses Association organized an exchange trip to Cuba for a number of their nurses. This is their short film. (2015, 7 min) 

Workers Voices: Sramik Awaaz - Law In The Margins, a group of lawyers who assist labor organizing efforts worldwide, have produced this short film about women led garment workers organizing in Banglasdesh. (2015, 5 min)

Brandworkers May Day Campaign Video - This short documentary sheds crucial light on the harsh realities faced by food factory workers who toil behind the scenes of the so-called sustainable food movement.  While people enjoy the growth of sustainable food produced in the five boroughs including artisanal bread, hummus, and much more, tragically, like so many aspects of the food system and economy, the great promise of local food is being undermined by the serious mistreatment of low-income immigrant workers. (2015, 5 min) 

We Were There - A music video by artist and songwriter Bev Grant. (2015, 5 min)

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