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Program 29: Afternoon of Amazing Shorts

  • Auditorium of the Lithographers Union, Local 1 113 University Pl 3rd Fl New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

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Overpass Light Brigade (7 min) is a short film that tells the story behind Wisconsin's Holders of the Lights using innovative time-lapse photography and interviews with founding members and other activists. The film showcases OLB's simple, beautiful approach to performance art and action that beckons any who want to creatively join public discourse and voice concerns an elitist political system clamors to quiet.

Fight for 15 (3 min)  The moving short on the fight for a $15 minimum wage.

Sky Blue Collar (8 min)  A businessman and a carpet installer enjoy a wild and playful friendship, but when their class-conscious bosses pressure them to steer clear of each other, the Romeo and Juliet of the workaday world must decide what's more important: how we make a living, or who we're living for.

Judith: Portrait of A Street Vendor (17 min) takes us on an intimate journey into the daily life of Judith, a street vendor from Guatemala who lives and works in New York City. Judith exposes the routine obstacles she and her fellow immigrant vendors face daily on the city's streets and reveals her own struggles and hopes as an immigrant worker, mother, activist and community organizer. 

Daughters of A Lesser God (11 min) Women who make the glass bangles for the accessory industry fight back and organize to gain workplace rights and better safety precautions in Pakistan.

Sovereign Paperwork (3 min)  

Somos Amigos (13 min);  What would you do if you had to fire your best friend? It is at this point where Julio finds himself. Somos Amigos (We Are Friends) is a short film that seeks to explore the limits between friendship and work... if they exist at all.


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