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Program 12: Argentina On the Move! - 'Buenos Aires, the City At Sleep' and 'Don't Give Up Your Voice!'

  • Cinema Village 22 East 12th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Buenos Aires, The City At Sleep - Every night, hundreds of people change their routine to do night work and fulfill the tasks necessary for the City of Buenos Aires to operate in the daytime. This documentary shows the life story of these heroes of the night: how important their jobs are and how it is to live upside down from the rest of the people. (2019, 50m, Argentina)

Shorts (to precede):

March - Amidst Argentina’s economic crisis, the workers of a restaurant resume their activities after an unsuccessful strike in demand for a salary increase. (2018, 12 min, Argentina)

Don’t Give Up Your Voice! - This film is, at first glance, about Argentina but it is also about the United States. Argentina elected its Trump, Mauricio Macri, a year before we elected ours. The two are quite similar in the tone of their campaigns and the policies they are promoting once in office. But Argentines are resilient, and they have fought right wing governments before.

“Don’t Give Up Your Voice!” looks at the widespread and creative resistance to Macri’s policies­— in organized labor, at worker coops, street protests, theater and music. The film offers instructive parallels with the situation in the U.S., while illustrating the power of collective action. (2018, 40 min, Argentina)