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Program 7: A Trailblazing Heroine That History Forgot. 'Adios Amor - The Search for Maria Moreno'

  • Cinema Village 22 East 12th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Street Workers Unite! - India's street vendors and rickshaw drivers are among the country's most vulnerable citizens. For years they’ve lived and worked without legal protections and without access to financial services, and have been subject to harassment by the police, the mafia, and others. NIDAN is working to change all that by organizing them to stand up for their own rights and stop "feeding milk to the snake."  (2017, 8 min, India)

Hasta Siempre, Comandante - Ernesto, a 14 year old barber, wants to get a tattoo despite his father's adamant objection. Living in the shadow of the revolutionary generation's unrelenting Cuban ideals, he must reconcile these values with the reality around him. (2018, 14 min, Cuba)

Gabby Antonio Smashes the Imperialist, White Supremacist, Capitalist Patriarchy! - A comedy web series about the trials and tribulation of a young woman of color who struggles to do good in the whitest city in America - Portland, Oregon. She wants to change the world, but it’s not quite happening - yet. It’s funny, non-preachy, and sparks important conversations about racism, cultural appropriation, gentrification, and all the ups and down of nonprofit life. (2018, 18 min)

Photo credit: George Ballis/Take Stock

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Adios Amor - The Search for Maria Moreno - The discovery of lost photographs sparks the search for a hero that history forgot—Maria Moreno, a migrant mother driven by her children's hunger to speak out.

Years before Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta launched the United Farm Workers, Maria picked up the only weapon she had—her voice—and became an outspoken leader in an era when women were relegated to the background. The first farm worker woman in America to be hired as a union organizer, Maria's story was silenced and her legacy buried—until now. (2017, 58 min)

This film was made with support from the following: National Endowment for the Humanities, California Humanities, and Latino Public Broadcasting.