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Program 27: Workers Unite Third Annual Music Nights In Brooklyn! Part 1

  • Crystal Lake Brooklyn 647 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

Music & Film Night #1

SPECIAL EVENT - “Live Music Weekend”


Bands include:

• Color Collage - Shane Conerty brings his unique blend of rock, pop, and soulful guitar work to a series of unforgettable original songs.  Not to be missed!

• The City and Horses

• Spritzer

• Caged Animals

Films:  Gabby Antonio Smashes the Imperialist, White Supremacist, Capitalist Patriarchy! - A comedy web series about the trials and tribulation of a young woman of color who struggles to do good in the whitest city in America - Portland, Oregon. She wants to change the world, but it’s not quite happening - yet. It’s funny, non-preachy, and sparks important conversations about racism, cultural appropriation, gentrification, and all the ups and down of nonprofit life. (2018, 18 min)

Select short films from the festival's best, including:

Tenants In Warsaw Organize Against High Heating Costs - Over 70 percent of public tenements in Warsaw have no central heating. So around 50,000 families must use the most expensive method of heating: electricity. Unable to afford the cost of rent, the cost of heating and the cost of basic necessities like food, many tenants must choose among these and take out loans.  In November 2017, the Warsaw Tenants’ Association (WSL) initiated a campaign against the high costs of heating. The most eager response came from women tenants in the South Praga district of the city. Many of these women are single mothers who struggle to make ends meet while working at home and for wages in low-paid jobs.  (2018, 5 min, Poland)

Pajpaku - A description of the contradictions of the human being, some like those of the traditional Pajpakus that sell herbs, trinkets, etc. with a loquacious cleverness, but usually harmless. When that charlatanism becomes entangled in political, religious and economic power, it is a greater deception. (2018, 5 min, Bolivia)

I Was A Docker, I Was A Seamstress - An experimental short documenting the labor history of downtown Manhattan. The locations of strikes, boycotts, union headquarters, and residences of key labor figures are juxtaposed with the daily life of contemporary New Yorkers. (2016, 15 min)

Come have a drink or a bite at this new venue in Williamsburg, Crystal Lake Brooklyn, and enjoy songs from indie talent.

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