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Program 25: Sneak Preview of 'Detroit 48202 - Conversations Along A Postal Route'

  • Public Employees Federation - 17th Fl 100 William Street New York, NY, 10038 United States (map)

Berta Didn't Die, She Multiplied! -  In Honduras, the most dangerous country in the world to be a land defender, Berta Cáceres’ death has not silenced the many campesinxs fighting for justice, Indigenous Sovereignty, and the planet. Instead her murder inspired an international movement whose powerful chants have spread across the globe: “Berta Didn’t Die, She Multiplied!” From 2010 to 2017, 124 environmental leaders were assassinated for defending the environment and Indigenous rights in Honduras. This is the story of those who will not surrender. This poignant and heart wrenching account of the legacy of Berta Cáceres—fearless world renowned Indigenous leader—exposes the brutality of the fight to privatize mother earth. But even through death, Berta could not be silenced. Berta’s struggle is universal and her murder ignited an international movement for justice that resounds around the world.   (2017, 10 min, Honduras)

Creative Feds - Civil servants by day. Artists by night and weekend. Go beyond the stereotype of the "faceless bureaucrat" by meeting two federal workers who are as dedicated to public service as they are to their music. (2017, 5 min)

Lulu Land - Edie Falco explains how fake Democrats, a.k.a. the IDC, are handing New York State to the Republicans and what you can do about it in this stunning video. (2018, 3 min)

The 39th - Amidst political scandal and fiscal crisis, 26-year-old activist Will Guzzardi believes that he can mobilize a movement to upend Illinois’ dysfunctional political system. But he chose to run against the daughter of one of the best connected politicians in Chicago — and the establishment is not going to let her go down without a fight. THE 39TH follows Guzzardi as he grows up, from activist to politician, and learns what it really takes for an outsider to win — and govern — within a political machine.  

On Chicago’s northwest side, the 39th District was represented by incumbent Toni Berrios for 12 years — running unopposed for nearly a decade. Guzzardi first ran for Berrios' seat in 2012. With minimal cash and zero name recognition, he lost by just 125 votes — and in 2014, he wanted a rematch. Will’s platform aimed to push his own Illinois Democratic party further to the left — with ideas like taking on corporate welfare, supporting public schools over charters, and passing a graduated income tax. But no one could have expected how far the Berrios campaign and Illinois' establishment would go to hold on to power. (2015, 31 min)

Detroit 48202: Conversations Along A Postal Route - A feature documentary that examines the rise, demise, and contested resurgence of Detroit through the lens of African-American mail carrier, Wendell Watkins, and the community of committed residents he faithfully served for thirty years.  We take a journey with Wendell along his route, which winds through the center of what was, once upon a time, a vital and thriving city.  We listen in on his conversations with his customers - the resilient Detroiters who share stories of resistance: pushing back against racial segregation in housing; challenging industrial and political disinvestment; and living on reduced pensions as a result of the municipal bankruptcy.  Our characters also share stories of hope and propose creative ways to re-imagine an inclusive, productive, equitable and re-invigorated city.  

We also meet legendary labor organizer, General Baker, Historian Thomas Sugrue, and Urban Planner June Manning Thomas, who provide a thread of analysis and historical context.  (2018, 60 min preview version)