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Program 15 - 'Howard Zinn - A People's History of the United States'

  • Cinema Village 22 East 12th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Digging for Weldon Irvine - Digging For Weldon Irvine is a feature-length documentary about the life and influence of heralded writer, arranger, composer and pianist Weldon Irvine, Jr. (2018, 2 min, Trailer)

Howard Zinn, A People's History Of the United States - With the tremendous success of his book, A People’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn radically changed the way Americans see themselves. His friend Noam Chomsky says that Zinn literally transformed a generation’s conscience. Zinn talks about those who have no voice in the official History: Slaves, Indians, deserters, textile workers, union men. On two occasions in Paris and Boston we were lucky enough to meet and film him. Towards the end of his life, Howard Zinn said, ‘‘I want to be remembered as someone who enabled people to experience hope and power something they never did before.’’

Zinn draws us into a story that encompasses the era from the Crash of the Great Depression in 1929 up to 2009. Born into a working-class family, Howard Zinn grew up in New York during the Great Depression. Bombardier in the US Navy fighting against fascism during World War II, confirmed pacifist post-Hiroshima, a teacher committed to the cause of young people fighting for black American Civil Rights, leader of the movement against the Vietnam War, a playwright whose work has been performed worldwide and author of the seminal work: A People’s History of the United States, 1492 to present. This man, whose life spanned the 20th century, offers us an analysis illustrated with exceptional personal experiences and rarely revealed historical facts.  (2016, 90 min, France)