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Program 4 - Musicians Night - '25 Tracks', 'Mike Morningstar: Here's to The Working Man'

  • Cinema Village 22 East 12th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Goodnight Moon - Musician Jeremy Bacon is devastated when he receives a letter informing him that his wife will not be permitted to return home due to travel restrictions affecting her country of birth. He attempts to lose himself in music in order to cope, turning his piano into a shrine to her, but he is ultimately moved by his despair to visit the U.S. Custom House, performing a symbolic act of protest against inhumane immigration policies. There, he encounters looming classical sculptures depicting mankind's historical diaspora from Africa, Asia, Europe and finally the Americas.  (2017, 5 min)

25 Tracks It’s 2011 and 'twentyfive' plan to write, record then release a fresh song every two weeks of the year.  'twentyfive' are two unknown, indie songwriters in a bare bones studio in the industrial West of Melbourne - Australia’s music capital. They have a studio set-up which is a piece of Melbourne history - a 1957 train carriage, lovingly restored, fitted out with a Tiki Bar.  Cath loves pop, Nick loves garage rock. She wants jazz flute, he wants a dirty guitar. Is this ever going to work? Are they totally deluded? Is it an impossible goal? (2016, 53 min)

Mike Morningstar: Here's to The Working Man - The remarkable career of singer/songwriter, Mike Morningstar. Many of Mike’s songs are in celebration of the Working Man & Mike includes himself, saying simply “I made my living with my hands”. Mike Morningstar is a singer/songwriter born and raised in West Virginia. Born October 7, 1947, Mike began his musical career in 1964 when at the age of 16 he joined a predominately black rhythm & blues soul band. Four years later, Mike was drafted and sent to Vietnam where he was exposed to Agent Orange and other traumas that resulted in PTSD. Consequently Mike’s musical career as well as his personal life changed dramatically. His marriage ended as well as his career playing with large bands. Mike became a loner, both in his personal life and in his musical career where he performed mostly as a solo artist. It took Mike over 20 years to get to the point where he could describe his Vietnam experience in song with the haunting Neu Ba Den. Other songs describe the plight of the working Man and the environmental destruction coal mining brought to his beloved West Virginia such as Buffalo Creek and Coal Country Blues. (2017, 1 hr 17 min)

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