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Program 33 - 'TWU Salute', 'A Day's Work', 'The Coal Minority', 'CWA vs. AT&T Mobility'

  • Empire State College 325 Hudson Street New York, NY, 10013 United States (map)

Films from the Frontlines - A Salute to NY District Council of Carpenters ('A Day's Work'), TWU, and CWA.

BulliesThis fascinating and disturbing animation from the Corporate Campaign veterans, who fought hard to let the world know about the nasty anti-labor practices of Coca-Cola, tells the story of the Real Estate Board of NY and how they manipulate the high rents in the city, as well as siphon tax credits meant for affordable housing into other uses and not more affordable apartments. The film also claims that the REBNY has been instrumental in the explosion of non-union building and construction, much of which has led to unnecessary construction worker deaths due to negligence and lack of safety standards on a union job. (2017, 5 min)

TWU Fights for Workers' Rights -  National videographer for the Transport Workers Union, Mary Matthews, travels the country filming important labor organizing stories from the frontlines of the battle. We're honored to screen these stories and know you will learn about why there is strength in unions when you watch them. (2017, 37 min)

TWU Local 100 Organizes National Bikeshare
TWU Local 223: 75 Years
TWU Local 556 Wall Street
TWU GOTV Campaign: Back to Election Day

TWU GOTV Campaign: Real American Voter
TWU Takes on Fast Act

CWA vs. AT&T to keep union jobs secure - CWA: Fighting for a Fair Contract - AT&T Mobility Workers are coming together to fight for a fair contract. (2017, 1 min)

CWA: Sarrah & Cheryce - AT&T Mobility Bargaining - Sarrah & Cheryce work at AT&T Mobility. The company makes billions off their hard work while their families try to get by with less. Stand with them for good jobs & a fair union contract: (2017, 3 min)

The Coal Minority - After years of digging coal to provide for their families, three single mothers struggle to maintain their financial independence as mines shut down nationwide. The film follows Trudy Lund, who was laid off in 2014. Trudy’s struggle to find a job in the disappearing coal industry is contextualized by the stories of two other female miners also disadvantaged by age, gender, and changes in the economic landscape.  (2017, 26 min)

A Day's Work - Ninety minutes before he was killed on his first day of work as a temporary employee, 21-year-old Day Davis texted a picture of himself to his girlfriend, excited for their future.  Now Day's sister, 17-year-old Antonia, searches for answers. An investigation reveals the issues that led to Day's death and how the $100 billion temporary staffing industry is putting millions of American workers at risk.  (2015, 56 min)

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