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Honoring WUFF 2013


                     NYC Celebrates Global Labor Solidarity
  End Income Inequality Now! Let Workers Organize into Unions!

                  MAY 9TH TO MAY 19TH, 2014



Our Festival is scheduled between the 100th anniversary of the success of the "Bread and Roses" strike in Lawrence, MA. the 101st anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, a rallying point for organizing American workers and May Day, the international workers day of unity and celebration. This year we honor the Joseph Murphy Institute for Workers Education and Labor Studies, based at The City University of NY. We also honor, on opening night, The MFA Program in Social Documentary Film at The School Of Visual Arts, in NYC (SocDoc@SVA), for their training of the next generation of socially conscious filmmakers.

We seek to join forces with our working brothers and sisters from around the world, both organized in existing unions and currently fighting to organize for their workplace rights, to broadcast our stories of struggle and victory to counter the often negative image of unions and workers portrayed by the mainstream media. We are the 99%!  Our stories and struggles, our history and dreams for the future - we hope to screen all of these for an ever growing audience. We celebrate a different part of our fight for worker/labor power each evening. Please join us at the festival.


                  NYC Celebrates Global Labor Solidarity

                   MAY 9TH TO MAY 19TH, 2014 


 Workers Unite Film Festival Official Trailer 2014

"I chose your festival because I went to New York two years ago for a "Work and Travel" program. I was travelling around the city.It was amazing. Museums, clubs, architecture, parks etc. However, when I started to work. I realised that New York is such a big city and there is a system underneath it. This system cannot work without workers. They are biggest wheel of a giant machine. Actually, workers are the whole system. They should unite and show the power of their labor. I wanted the show this to the people. That's why I chose this festival for my project."
Courtesy of Utku Kurt Motion Designer and Director - Istanbul, Turkey 
Made for the Workers Unite Film Festival in NYC.
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2013/Motion Graphics Semi Finalist/Editing, Post Production Semi Finalist  

What a Wonderful Night at 1199/SEIU

Enthusiastic crowd for final evening of Workers Unite Film Festival @1199/SEIU 

Season Two Was a Success Thanks To All Of You!

Join us May 9th through May 19th, 2014 For Our Third Season!

May 15th is Global Labor Film Festival Day at WUFF 2014.  Over 30 Worker/Labor Film Festivals Worldwide!

We will support this second world-wide celebration of workers and labor in film by screening three films on income inequality and women who fought back to win their rights.

Thanks to all of our guests and sponsors for your support to make The Workers Unite! Film Festival a success in 2013! Thank you to the Rubin Foundation, Magnacare, Amalgamated Life Insurance Company, SEIU/1199, 32BJ SEIU, Winston Financial, The Freelancers Union, The NY Taxi Workers Alliance, The Retail Action Project, UCommRadio,The Brecht Forum, Cinema Village, the NYC Central Labor Council and so many more - we could not do it without your help and support.

Please join us for our Third Annual Workers Unite Film Festival, this May 9th through 19th, at several new locations in downtown NYC, including the historic Cinema Village, near Union Square. 

Visit our page for more in depth information on our films & 2012 Archive to see the 2012 Winners. 


The Fight For Labor Rights is also a fight for the hearts and minds of All American Workers. Film your workplace struggles. Send them to us for screening.

Workers Unite Film Festival helps sponsor Farewell To Factory Towns? screening @Organization of Staff Analysts

The Festival respectfully requests that all film makers please use union labor on their films in any ways that are possible. Local craft unions and guilds are all willing to work with low budget and independent films with many different programs. Please check them out. Use union labor! Thanks!

PRESS FROM: Workers Unite Film Festival 2013:



Join us in May for films, poetry, music and great dialogue about workers fighting back for their rights and dignity around the world. We have two nights dedicated to poetry and film about workers and their lives and several special events around the city.