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Our Inaugural Workers Unite Film Festival is a Reality! 

April 5, 2012

The first annual Workers Unite Film Festival released its inaugural schedule of films late last night, after months of work by a committed team of volunteers and film /labor enthusiasts. Our schedule reflects a balance from important historical films, rarely seen - such as "By The River I Stand," about the Memphis garbage workers strike of 1968, to brand new films about global labor solidarity and struggle from around the world, such as "Stitched Together," and "Legends of the Welfare State."

Check out the schedule on the schedule page. Ticket purchases will be available by the weekend - via the "Tix" ticket buying program - easy and online - and will be sold by the programs (10 programs) - $13.00/$10.00 Students & Seniors, Day Pass - $33/$28 for students - or Festival Pass - for all events and all screenings - $88/$68 students.  

Remember that 101 years ago - this very day - corrupt Tammany Hall politicians dumped the remaining unclaimed bodies of the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in an unmarked and secret Potters Field - to avoid the possibility of a "martyr's grave site," that might become the focus of demonstrations in remembrance. In response - over 100,000 union members, family of other victims and activists marched through an icy rain, watched by over 300,000 more spectators. As they neared the site of the fire tragedy, such a colossal wail of pure anger, revulsion and deep aching sadness arose from the huge assembly that it shook the city and even those corrupt Tammany Hall politicians to the core. New rules were passed, new laws gained traction to protect workers. A collective outpouring of worker anger and resolve paid off.

Let's not forget this, brothers and sisters. We will never forget - we will organize and fight back!
Thanks for all your support so far. Look forward to seeing you at the festival in May! 

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