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Wall Street Greed Fueling Rising Gas Prices

February 28, 2012

Though this is not directly an issue about organizing workers, it is directly an issue that effects the lives of millions of working people. It also will likely effect the tone and outcome of the coming election. If you don't think that speculators, almost all members of the GOP, have this in mind as they drive gas and oil prices through the roof, think again. To them, their manipulation of the commodities markets is a gift that keeps on giving. Once, through paying them enormous unearned profits for playing at the global casino, then a second time, in further slowing our economic recovery, thereby giving whichever of the current crop of  GOP primary nutcases a better leg to stand on as they try to find any genuine issue with which to beat up on President Obama. Appparently this malfesance has been well documented since back in 2008, but nothing has yet been done to stop it. That should change immediately.

I don't normally cite CNN, but this article by Bernie Sanders, one of the few true hero's of working people in the Senate, lays out in detail this crime being perpetrated against all Americans. This is a crime that hits especially hard when you make under $40,000 a year, with two or three children and driving to your job is your only way to get to work. These speculators should be in jail, not celebrating their good fortune down at Delmonicos with lavish dinners.

You can read it at:

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